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Hans Turner
Hans Turner

Growing up in the commercial roofing industry and with a diverse array of professional experience since 2005, Hans has served as a General Manager for a commercial roofing contracting firm, as Technical Sales Manager for a major roofing manufacturer, as Vice President of Sales for a national consulting firm, as Technical Sales Director for a startup manufacturing company, and Roof Asset Manager for a larger Commercial Roofing Contractor, Hans has extensive technical knowledge and business acumen in nearly all facets of the industry.  

Hans earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the Metropolitan State University of Denver with an emphasis in both Cell & Molecular Biology and Conservation Biology.  He has a passion for sustainability and conservation that he carries into his professional career with a focus on improving ecological and environmental sustainability of the roofing and building industries.  

He is working toward his RRC certification and GRP certifications. He is fluent in Spanish and is studying Danish. He loves his amazing wife, traveling and adventuring, having fun with his three children, and practicing the Arts of Fly-fishing, Hiking, Biking, Scuba, and Meditation.

Tim Turner, IRR
advisor emeritus

Having owned and operated both residential and commercial roofing companies for over 30 years, Tim has seen and overcome just about every challenge the roofing industry could present.  After retiring from the contracting world, Tim has supported multiple roofing consultants and building owners/managers with their roof assessments, quality assurance and project management needs.  

In 2019 Tim and his wife Jenny relocated to Southwest Colorado to build a home and settle down.  Tim still collaborates with Hans (aka they talk incessantly about roofing projects) and you may even find him on a roof from time to time.  

Tim and Hans have taught each other and learned from each other professionally  since 2005, though Tim was teaching Hans about roofing as soon as he could walk.  They have been involved with thousands of roof assessments, installations, designs and quality assurance projects together and separately. 

Tim Turner
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