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Modern Building


You have a roof, or a portfolio of roofs, and you need to make the right decision with the right ROI. 

There are a lot of experts out there. You need a partner to give you non-biased, expert advice and service that you can trust.  

Free advice is rarely free, and expensive advice doesn't often bring value.  We maintain an efficient operation and an extensive network of partner advisors so that we can bring you the information and service you need at a price that you can appreciate.  

Call us today for your next roof inspection or project and find out just how affordable service with Integrity can be!

  • commercial roof assessments

  • due diligence surveys/reports

  • budget forecasting

  • moisture analysis

  • leak investigation

  • new construction and replacement design

  • roof restoration design

  • sustainable maintenance plans

  • scope, specifications and plans

  • bid solicitation and management

  • contractor networking

  • product selection 

  • roof construction quality assurance

  • contract brokering with partner contractors for roof restoration and replacement

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