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Having worked as technical sales manager for a major commercial roofing manufacturer for 7 years, I know the challenges and joys of what you do. 

Unlike most consultants who want want your expertise and expect you to cater to them, I see the manufacturer's rep as an invaluable resource and want to help you succeed.  

Aside from traditional collaboration on project opportunities, let me help you succeed by taking something off your plate.  

Ask me about support services that I can provide to keep  you focused on what you do best...  

  • commercial roof assessments

  • due diligence surveys/reports

  • budget forecasting

  • moisture analysis

  • leak investigation

  • new construction and replacement design

  • roof restoration design

  • sustainable maintenance plans

  • scope, specifications and plans

  • bid solicitation and management

  • contractor networking

  • roof construction quality assurance

  • contract brokering with partner contractors for roof restoration and replacement

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